Sunday, February 1, 2009


Its been a great learning experience in Manipal for me (i guess as for others too).. I learnt how to live, how to deal with different kinds of people, how to manage things and lot more... (other than our academic syllabus..)
Here are some of those...

- Your friends are your biggest competitors.. ( because you have ego issues with them and vice-versa).

- Self-help is the best kind of help one should look for.. (because others are as careless towards you as you are to them).

- Stay at a safe distance from everyone, or else you'll end up hurting him/her or yourself.. both mentally and physically (can't forget those amazing "thappads"!!).

- All the people around you are basically nice people, the only problem is they think differently and what is gud to them may appear bad to others and vice-versa.. (uff!!.. those bitching sessions!!).

- There are two kinds of people.. 1) Good Ones &  2) Smart Ones..
Good Ones are those "i am what i am" types, who are very straight forward with their thinking. They end up having lesser no. of friends because they don't want to be diplomats.. (or hypocrites??)
Smart Ones are those who are very sweet to others (at least on there faces), are diplomats, want to have a good rapport with everyone and are ready to compromise with their beliefs. They try to keep everyone around them happy.. often mistakenly or unmistakenly termed as HYPOCRITES. (Even though they are the ones who have greater no. of friends).

- Avoid having dumb people around you.. for some of them think they are really smart and try to study you and your actions and make opinions about you.. they, then interpret them as facts and tell others about them, unknowingly creating rumours and misunderstandings about you, which can be a mental torture at times.

- If you are a Male.. avoid joking around with a lot of girls.. and most importantly avoid putting your hands around their shoulders.. You can be termed as a FLIRT. You can, actually, escape the "title" even if you are sleeping around with 2-3 girls at a time if you follow these instructions..(you'll become a STUD instead :D)

- Really Fat people are really the BEST People in this world.. their legs remain firm to the ground always.. (not because of their excessive weight but because they are very down to earth).

- Watch PRISON BREAK.. (you'll, at least, TRY to become as perfect as Michael Scofield) and SCRUBS (it makes you feel better about yourself that there are so many other bigger losers in this planet like JD, Turk, Elliot, Kellso, Janitor etc. than you).