Friday, December 21, 2012

The Psycho ME!!!

As you go deep trying to understand life, it just keeps losing its meaning... none of it makes any sense. You  come up with one theory, there will be plenty contradicting it. Life. death, marriages, separations, aims in life, gender equality, rapes, religion, caste, colour, nationalism, mass murders, revenge, protests, jealousy, identity, togetherness. Winners want to maintain supremacy saying their uniqueness is in danger, losers would like to gain equality yet  want to remain unique. Both upper castes and lower castes discard inter-caste marriages (For purity of race and unwillingness to share the fruits of reservations respectively) yet talk about equality.

Between men and women, both are supreme in their own ways. One has the power of physical strength another has Sexuality as its power. Men who are weaker in sexuality and can get easily attracted,  and will use their physical strength to attempt a rape or rape like actions. Hence, misuse of power. Women on the other hand with the power of sexuality, try to seduce men at pivotal positions to get their jobs done or attain supremacy. Hence, again misuse of power. It is obvious that both of them have few advantages and disadvantages over various situations of life.

God has designed us differently but then gave us the brains to think, to argue, to try and alter certain realities into myths and form new realities. Why? Why? Why? On one hand we are animals just like other animals. We have animal instincts. We all need to eat, shit, love, reproduce and die. Some who have plenty, they hog, some go obsessed with love and sex, some go for a kill. On the other hand we have a set of rules to follow, rules of the society made by the Humans for Humans to make them stay as Humans. Those who act indifferent to them will be jailed or eradicated.

But there is an another truth that, the Humans will always behave according to the situations they'll find themselves in. When, a child is born in this world, there are two things that governs his/her future, 1) His/Her genes, and 2) The environment he/she grows in.... but the society's set of rules don't address these factors. The good-bad concept of the world is different. There's a court of law, there's religion and their's self conscience and consciousness (your own judgmental power). What do we do when all of them come in conflict with each other? Set of rules versus Set of rules.

About equality. Do we really want to be equal or its just a demand of the losers? About loser's. Is there any broad category that defines losers.  Everybody likes to call themselves a loser. People love calling themselves as miserables. Miserableness is such a relative term. I might be miserable but am I as miserable as those bottle pickers in the railway station who get slapped by a police wala (the keeper of law and order) for absolutely no reason? No but we will always compare ourselves with the ones who are more well off than us to make ourselves believe that we are miserable. The truth is even Ambanis feel miserable by comparing themselves to Bill Gates. And Bill will feel miserable as he knows, he'll one day die. And dear you can't be equal to God (if he exists). Equality is nothing but a lie. The fact is, You always want to be equal to your upper ones. Ever thought of becoming equal to your lower ones? Hell no!! ( Don't give me that rationale of yours that its the human nature to progress and move upwards, if this is then lot of other things can have similar excuses which you all classify as crime.)

Money. Somebody so smart created the concept of money as a unit to measure wealth and in turn made the whole world poor. Because its a creation and is a creation of a handful of people who one day declared only those who will have these pieces of papers, as many of them will be rich. So they made it and kept plenty of it for themselves and said it will eventually trickled down to the poor. The poor (now) who (once) thought that the land they owned, the cattle they owned, the crops they grew (which was enough to feed them at least till the next farming season comes back) were their wealth, now started to feel poor. Because the definition of wealth suddenly changed from assets and property to the amount of Cash you have. So they start selling their properties, they began to migrate, of course to earn CASH. This cash has a property that it can be spent on anything that your heart desires to have from a comb, to alcohol, to sex, hence gets over fast leaving the poor more poor. So the cash eventually trickles up not alone but with poor peoples wealth. All we need is someone like the Joker in Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight, who can rob all the banks in this world and set them on fire. All at once!!!

I'm sure this write up doesn't make any sense. Life is like that It doesn't make sense.

P.S. These are random thoughts mixed with anger and confusion going on in my mind. Things will be self-contradictory in nature because that is the whole point.